How do groups work?

Groups help you keep people you know manageable. You can create groups for friends, family, favorite actors, or just people you find interesting. You can have as many groups as you want.
It’s a good practice to use groups from the start, so that it will be easier once you connect with a lot of people.
You can use groups to filter content in Voxterr Friends.
Visit your Connections to manage your groups.

What is Voxterr Friends?

Voxterr allows you to see News, Events and offers in a specific regions.
Voxterr Friends lets you see what your friends and people you love are saying. It doesn’t matter where they are currently, you can always check them out on Voxterr Friends.

What happens if I follow someone?

By following someone, you will see his/her stories, events and offers in your Voxterr Friends feed. Visit your Connections to manage people you follow, and see people that are following you.

What is My Voxterr?

My Voxterr is a place where you can fully personalize what you see on Voxterr by using filters. Filters let you choose regions, tags, categories and type of content you wish to see. For example, you can use a filter to display only concerts from you favorite band/singer in the towns you choose. You can have as many filters as you want, and easily switch between them.

How do I change the region?

To change the region you want to view, click the name of the region you are in, and use the search to find the desired region. Voxterr will list nearest regions first, but you can view any region by typing the region name into the search box.
My region doesn’t exist.
If you are searching for a city that isn’t on the list, you can click the Suggest button, and we will create the region for you after verifying that it exists.

How do I change my home region?

You can change your home region by going to your Settings, scrolling to the bottom, and entering your new home region under the Region tab.

Will all my private information be visible to the public?

Not by default. Your Screen Name, Age (not the birth date), region, picture and description will be available to the public by default.
Other required information like your real name, address, email or phone will only be visible if you check the “Public” checkbox associated with that information.